2012-09-10 San Diego: Allan E. Rubenstein, MD and Khatereh Ahmadi, PhD to assume roles in Plex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

2012-02-12 San Diego: Plex Pharmaceuticals and Professor R. Padmanabhan of Georgetown University announce a collaboration to develop inhibitors of Dengue and West Nile virus proteases.

2011-12-07 San Diego: Plex and LD Biopharma Have Agreed to Provide Integrated Discovery Services for structure-based and fragment-based drug discovery.

2010-09-10 San Diego: Plex receives a $279,068 grant award to develop selective and dual-acting HSP90 and TRAP1 inhibitors

2010-06-07 San Diego: Plex receives a $549,882 grant award to develop novel, selective and potent brain-penetrable small molecule cytosolic Hsp90 inhibitors

2010-05-05 San Diego: Plex receives a $201,930 grant award to develop glucose-dependent partial activators of pancreatic glucokinase

Partners and Investors

Plex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a privately held early stage pharmaceutical company focused on the rapid discovery of drug-like small molecules for underserved needs including CNS/Systemic oncology, degenerative CNS disorders, and infectious diseases.

While the majority of funding has been attained through non-dilutive mechanisms, we are actively seeking corporate partnership and private investment to advance our programs toward an ultimate goal of investigational new drug (IND) filing.

Plex has successfully secured private funding from:



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